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Faster and Faster Shit, a.k.a. On the Breakdown of Indifference Curves at Different Quality Levels

Dear reader, no, the title of this post is not meant to describe the quality and frequency of my posts! It wants to be, instead, a reflection of two commonly used heuristics: “it has a good quality/price ratio” and “something… Continue Reading →

Raising White Flag

Dear Reader, I’d like to share with you an episode that occurred during my years in kindergarten. It surfaced in my memory, quite appropriately, while I was reasoning about putting some final touches on a piece of work, or taking a few… Continue Reading →

Dear Reader, there at least a couple of strong feelings that I experience when I’m learning something new (ok, the “something new” part is redundant, learning is always about new ways of looking at a problem): I feel triumphant, blazing… Continue Reading →

Dear Reader, hold dear what you know, but keep more dearly what you do not know since acknowledging that something beyond your knowledge exists is what drives you to new understanding and your inner growth. Until next time, push your boundaries…. Continue Reading →

Dear Reader, humanity invented antibiotics, one of the most significant achievements in History, around 1874. 144 years later, or 12*12*12 months later, after much alphabetisation and schooling, there are those who abuse and misuse them, creating obnoxious side effects, resistance… Continue Reading →

How to process emails with confidence – Short Tip

Dear Reader, I was looking back at one of my first posts dealing with emails: Since I have not followed up with more tips to deal with email and reach the “inbox zero Nirvana”, I decided it was about time… Continue Reading →

Sense of Achievement

Dear Reader, During some days I feel cranky, tired, in a bad mood and the perception that nothing significant was done, that no progress was made and that no good seed was planted. I suppose that I become a late… Continue Reading →

Gmail, what are you doing?

Dear Reader, I have recently discovered that Gmail is putting mail from blogs under the “Promotions” tab of the Inbox, as in this picture: This is a questionable move, since I don’t sell or promote anything, and I point you to… Continue Reading →

Marketing is Like a Box of Chocolate

Dear Reader, I’m sorry if the title of this post seems too ambitious and you are expecting a complete treatise on how to invent new words to foster your marketing campaign! Instead, you will find some simple reasoning that I made… Continue Reading →

Evening Reflection

Dear Reader, if you and I have never met a man that is, at least in some areas, better than us, that’s not a testament to our virtue; instead, it is a sign of a missed opportunity to recognise greatness… Continue Reading →

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