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December 2015

Better Than You

There is one thing that Evernote users, Metallica fans and experienced riddle enthusiasts who solved the two-stage puzzle in the image above (solution at the end of the post!) know: Evernote is better than you at remembering things. Moreover, it… Continue Reading →

The Right Note

In music, as in life, hitting the wrong note may wreak havoc to even the most artful performance. On the opposite, the right combination of notes can conjure something beautiful and unexpected. Let’s start from where we left in the last… Continue Reading →

Front-end, Back-end, Week-end

“Everything has an end. Except sausages, which have two” (Norse proverb) My work has three ends actually: they are listed in the title and are related to programming and man-computer interaction. We’ll see in a moment why I am mentioning… Continue Reading →

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