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August 2017

Late night

Dear reader, sometimes we are called (by chance, by need, by conscience, by sheer force of will) to do our job even if we are unwilling, unprepared, on vacation and it is 2 AM. However, if we want to be… Continue Reading →

Summer Setup

Dear reader, you may have noticed that I’m producing posts at a faster rate than usual. Besides hoping that the quality of my writing is not suffering, I’d like to show you my Secret Ninja Trick for Faster Writing! Gosh,… Continue Reading →

Advisors, scolders, precogs

Dear reader, three cases for your judgment. Be ready for tomorrow, or you’ll be late! I told you to ready yourself! Now, look what happened! I know you’ll be late tomorrow! You are no good! Can you see? Advice Scolding… Continue Reading →

The Fear of Starting

Dear reader, I’m always amazed by one phenomenon. I know what kind of activities give me pleasure: reading, running, writing for the blog, working on one of my B-side activities (back from my post: They get me into the flow… Continue Reading →

The Italo-Russian Connection

Dear reader, a friend of mine is currently at risk of losing her job. She is working for a couple of small municipalities, her position regulated by a temporary contract, the kind of contract that is issued by a local… Continue Reading →

Yes, you can start an “open library” in your company!

Dear reader, this post is a direct follow up to my previous article with almost the same title, in a more dubious vein: In it, I described my first steps for the creation of an “open library” inside the company:… Continue Reading →

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