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December 2017

Back in Black… or just non-white?

Dear reader, there is a consideration that, as a former physicist and screen-printer, I often uttered for the amusement and disconcertment of my friends: Black is not a colour, and white does not exists. Some explanations are in order. Why… Continue Reading →


Dear reader, this summer I devoted part of my time to some experiments. I wanted to test some ideas, have a reality check, find a way to bring me back on track in some areas and explore a mental model… Continue Reading →

The Curse of the Org Chart Pyramid

Dear reader, in most workplaces, one of the most common rat-races is the one for responsibility. Beware: not responsibility per se but in the sense of “becoming responsible” for a lofty-sounding office or area. Is there something intrinsically wrong with it? Of course not!… Continue Reading →

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