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January 2018


Dear reader, I’ve got to confess: I am presumptuous. I have the presumption of being able to learn something from anyone, even from people that I despise or from my enemies. “Naaaah, that’s too difficult! You are surely exaggerating! Learning… Continue Reading →

You Are What You Chase

Dear reader, What is it that you want? As humans, we have hundreds of desires and needs, and we are naturally inclined to devote a big chunk of our mental efforts towards their satisfaction. However, do we think toward them… Continue Reading →

Theory or Practice

Dear reader, how many times have you said, “It’s just a theory, in practice it’s different”? I’m sure you meant it wholeheartedly. This sentence has always had, at least for me, a strange sound to it: what’s then the purpose… Continue Reading →

Early January Working

Dear reader, paradoxical as it may sounds, I believe that the first days of the year are a glorious period to be at work! Many people are on vacations, and the routine gives room for a unique brew of coworkers’… Continue Reading →

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