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Dear reader, I’ve got to confess: I am presumptuous. I have the presumption of being able to learn something from anyone, even from people that I despise or from my enemies. “Naaaah, that’s too difficult! You are surely exaggerating! Learning… Continue Reading →

You Are What You Chase

Dear reader, What is it that you want? As humans, we have hundreds of desires and needs, and we are naturally inclined to devote a big chunk of our mental efforts towards their satisfaction. However, do we think toward them… Continue Reading →

Theory or Practice

Dear reader, how many times have you said, “It’s just a theory, in practice it’s different”? I’m sure you meant it wholeheartedly. This sentence has always had, at least for me, a strange sound to it: what’s then the purpose… Continue Reading →

Early January Working

Dear reader, paradoxical as it may sounds, I believe that the first days of the year are a glorious period to be at work! Many people are on vacations, and the routine gives room for a unique brew of coworkers’… Continue Reading →

Back in Black… or just non-white?

Dear reader, there is a consideration that, as a former physicist and screen-printer, I often uttered for the amusement and disconcertment of my friends: Black is not a colour, and white does not exists. Some explanations are in order. Why… Continue Reading →


Dear reader, this summer I devoted part of my time to some experiments. I wanted to test some ideas, have a reality check, find a way to bring me back on track in some areas and explore a mental model… Continue Reading →

The Curse of the Org Chart Pyramid

Dear reader, in most workplaces, one of the most common rat-races is the one for responsibility. Beware: not responsibility per se but in the sense of “becoming responsible” for a lofty-sounding office or area. Is there something intrinsically wrong with it? Of course not!… Continue Reading →

Personal Courtesy

Dear reader, I think that courtesy and proper etiquette are tell-tale signs of intelligence: if you are a “good person” you should be courteous. If you are an evil guy, you should be polite at least to fool other people…. Continue Reading →

Lactic acid

Dear reader, there are four sets of muscles that I’d like to get tired during the day. I’d love to feel them almost aching before going to bed! The muscles in my leg, for having run long and fast. The… Continue Reading →

Going to war

Dear reader, we all experience an internal struggle, a sort of tension. It’s the tension between what we believe and how we act. Between our ambitions and our procrastination. Between our desire to see things done right, efficiently and, most… Continue Reading →

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