Dear reader,

paradoxical as it may sounds, I believe that the first days of the year are a glorious period to be at work! Many people are on vacations, and the routine gives room for a unique brew of coworkers’ dynamics and there are lots and lots of different emotions and situations to experience:

  1. You can enjoy silence and loneliness in your office
  2. You can dread silence and loneliness in your office
  3. You can learn how much silence is vital for doing productive, original work
  4. You can miss all the chatting and gossiping
  5. Events force you to face new problems so that you:
    • take on new responsibilities
    • Learn something outside your comfort zone
    • Strengthen your self-confidence
    • Make positive connections with colleagues you don’t usually meet
  6. Events force you to face new problems, and:
    • Postpone, blame others, don’t take responsibilities
    • Spend your time fleeing from people and situations
    • You self-doubt increases
    • You make yourself miserable and untrustworthy

Look at the even-numbered items. Look at the other ones.

For once, I’d rather be the odd guy at work.

Until next time, enjoy the silence.

P.s.: I love how Depeche Mode send out their messages. Simple yet powerful sentences, with plenty of charisma on tap. The music, although not my usual genre, is always stellar!