Dear reader,

I just happened to watch this amazing YouTube video. I strongly encourage you to watch it before reading on:

Ben Zander is the author, together with his wife Rosamund Stone, of the first audiobook I ever read: The Art of Possibility. For me, that listening an extremely positive experience, not life changing per se but life changing as it started a habit (i.e. reading) that transformed me completely, bringing me back to my intellectual roots and saving me from the “I’ve grown up, I’ve got a job, now my life it’s only working/resting/trying to have fun/repeat” mode I was following.

By itself, the book is inspiring, is punctuated by some classical music in the background during some emotional moments, and the stories narrated are amazing! The central theme of the book is described by its title: recognizing the possibilities that are in others and around us.

One of the incredible concepts explained in the book is about “Giving an A to everybody”, that is better explained in this other video:

Zander demonstrates a few key points:

  • You can talk about extremely “serious” matters like education in a totally funny and engaging way (I tend not to believe people that look too serious and concerned!)
  • There are more possibilities than we think, it’s a matter of how we look at the world
  • We should remember “rule #6” (if you are lazy and didn’t watch the video, you can read it in the last line of the post) but, at the same time, give ourselves the permission to reach high standards

There is the possibility that we can change the way we look at education.

There is the possibility that we start appreciating more and complaining less.

There is the possibility that Ben is a modern time hero, at least in my book!

Until next time, don’t take yourself so goddam seriously!