Dear reader,

I’m always amazed by one phenomenon. I know what kind of activities give me pleasure: reading, running, writing for the blog, working on one of my B-side activities (back from my post: They get me into the flow in no-time!

However, sometimes I stop doing them, for the most silly reasons: I just read a book, so there is no need to start a new one immediately, it’s too hot in August to run, I just wrote a blog post so I can relax, I sent an email to people interested in a new product so I can stop working on actually bringing it to life.

Let put this into a simple general formula:

I like it, I just did it, so I can stop doing it. Iterate until complete stall.

Wait, am I crazy or what??? Is this a Jedi mind trick that the gods of procrastination are playing on me?

Today is back-to-action day: this quick blog post, a chapter of Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday (already loving it!), a run before dinner and finally, before bedtime, bringing out my PC for some 3D design. I think I will be tired, but I will be happy!

Until next time, enjoy an active summer!

Edit: it’s 21:30 and I haven’t got my run but had a nice swim in the lake with the kids. That still counts as mission accomplished for me!