Don't stop, you just started!

Don’t stop, you just started! Courtesy of

Welcome, my dear reader!

Since this is my first post, I think I’d better start by explaining the whats, whens and whys of this blog.

First of all, this blog aims at giving people the possibility to express themselves freely, efficiently and to project their valuable work (be it professional, artistic, related to a hobby, whatever!) in the world outside themselves. This is meant to be achieved by removing all the blocks and impediments that prevent this, and by using efficient working methods and a positive attitude.

Moreover, I’d like to present methods in a way different from what I usually see in other articles on the topic. For me, tools, processes, strategies, and habits form a unique ecosystem, and the cooperation between these different aspects is essential in achieving our goals: the emphasis of the blog will thus be on exploring a consistent grand design, and not on reviewing the last obscure feature of some up-and-coming app or some trendy meditation technique. I’d like to discuss things that I have tried myself, and that I have found useful.

The name of the blog is kind of multi-faceted joke I started to make up when I was working as a physicist. Together with my colleagues, we were trying to understand the apparently inexplicable fact that a black hole (an object that supposedly eats up everything that passes by) is actually able to emit energy and matter: this is “the emission impossible”!

This name relates to our main goal as well since we want to “emit” our work even if this seems impossible. Another meaning is that we are on an “e-mission”, since we’ll also explore electronic and web tools.

Finally, there is an old story about me resembling Tom Cruise, but this fact is largely unconfirmed and awaits further validation!

Oh, looks like I was forgetting the “whys”! The most important one is, as Douglas Adams says, it’s “why not”! Then, there is my enduring nerdism. Last but not least, I must account for the good advice of my coach, thanks B.!

So, I hope that this kind of discussion will prove to be useful to you, my reader, as well as to your friend and colleagues. I’m sincerely open to suggestions, so don’t be afraid of proposing topics and to fuel constructive discussions!

My best regards,

The Emission Impossible author.