Dear reader,

you may have noticed that I’m producing posts at a faster rate than usual. Besides hoping that the quality of my writing is not suffering, I’d like to show you my Secret Ninja Trick for Faster Writing!

Gosh, cool marketing lines are definitely not my cup of tea!

Besides that…

…the trick is…


…a purchase on Amazon! I’m a happy buyer of the Logitech K380 Bluetooth keyboard (no affiliation, no money for me in mentioning it). Here is a picture of my working setup, composed of just my phone, the WordPress app and the keyboard:

I can now bang out words, thoughts, haikus from nearly everywhere I like, be it the kitchen table, the garden chair or the sofa.

One nice feature of this Bluetooth device is that it can be paired to three devices simultaneously (e.g. your phone, tablet and desktop PC) and, just by pressing a button, allows you to switch typing among those three. Writing a manuscript on your laptop, replying an SMS on the phone, performing a Google search on your table without moving your hands? Yes, now you can!

There are other helps I use when writing mobile, especially the GBoard keyboard app: I’ll dedicate another post to that in the future.

Today, August, 15th, is national holiday in Italy: Buon Ferragosto!

Until next time, the key is to be on board!