Dear reader,

What is it that you want? As humans, we have hundreds of desires and needs, and we are naturally inclined to devote a big chunk of our mental efforts towards their satisfaction.

However, do we think toward them rather than about them?

Let me exemplify:

  • Do we, as students, think about our grades, or toward them?
  • Do we, as athletes, think about performance, or toward it?
  • Do we, as musicians and artists, think about good music, or toward it?
  • Do we, as workers, think about results, or toward them?

How do we translate our thoughts into actions? Let’s try to put the examples above into actions:

  • Do we chase our teachers to give us better grades, or do we chase understanding and knowledge?
  • Do we chase the referee to change its mind about a call, or do we chase more training?
  • Do we chase the next cool stage move, or do we chase more practice?
  • Do we chase a promotion, or do we chase to focus on our work?

If you have an objective, don’t overthink about it: instead, try to concentrate on the next step that can bring you there.

You are what you chase.

Until next time, chase wisely.