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Yes, you can start an “open library” in your company!

Dear reader, this post is a direct follow up to my previous article with almost the same title, in a more dubious vein: In it, I described my first steps for the creation of an “open library” inside the company:… Continue Reading →


Dear reader, I just happened to watch this amazing YouTube video. I strongly encourage you to watch it before reading on: Ben Zander is the author, together with his wife Rosamund Stone, of the first audiobook I ever read: The… Continue Reading →

Defeating Nostalgia

Dear reader, last week I was “warmly invited” (to use a euphemism) by my father to take care of what I left in his rumpus room since my marriage. Given that nine years have passed since that delightful day, I… Continue Reading →

Word of the day – July, 16th 2017

Dear reader, SPOMF! What you read is a new word that a friend of mine, one that I consider a mentor, invented a few days ago. It is more an acronym than a noun, but it will be useful in… Continue Reading →

First Do No Harm

Dear reader, often at the end of a movie, while the end credits are rolling, you see the sentence “No Animals Were Harmed”, that the producers put there because they are decent human beings, they care for animals and they… Continue Reading →

The Dark Side of the B Side

Dear reader,  In my post “I’d rather get a B” I forgot a reason for pursuing a B (alias secondary) activity. Actually, it is a very sound and practical reason, so I thought it would be better to fill the gap… Continue Reading →

Intensive care unit

Dear reader,  sometimes we get asked questions that are, apparently, stupid, designed just to annoy us and waste our supposedly precious time. Some examples:  Why do you do your job?  Why do you do (something you have been doing over… Continue Reading →

I’d rather get a B, maybe even a C would be better!

Dear reader, sometimes working for a B can be harder than working for an A. Working for a C can be even more challenging. You need motivation. You may need mentoring. You may need more resources. You may also need… No,… Continue Reading →

Ups and Downs, or Up and Up?

Dear reader, I’m often confused by a couple of ways of saying that are commonly used (at least in Italian). I’m referring to something along the lines of “from then on his career was going up” and “this is a… Continue Reading →

Call me Anthony, please!

Dear reader, a couple of days ago I got into what seemed like a regular business meeting: two of my colleagues needed more info about a web application, in use inside the company, which was undergoing a re-engineering. To put the question… Continue Reading →

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